Start The New Year Right By Paying Less For Your Parking With PCP!

Why Parking With PCP Can Help You Save Money On Your Daily Commute This Year

save your money on daily commute

January is a time when a lot of us have a bit of a re-set and look at how we can save money after the extra cost of Christmas.

When it comes to your high parking expenses for work, we can help!

Our aim here at Premium Car Parks is to help make your commute easier, with our great value parking rates, in high quality car parks throughout the UK.

Parking on our scheme, means you can take advantage of heavily discounted rates in a whole host of central city and town locations and park close to your workplace.

Here we delve into all of the advantages of choosing to park with PCP in 2024…

Safe and secure

All of the car parks we work with are well-lit, covered by CCTV and have foot patrols for your peace of mind. We are proud to partner with a number of locations which have been assessed by the police and British Parking Association and have been awarded the Park Mark® Safer Parking Award for their safe and secure facilities.

Cost effective

Take advantage of our heavily discounted rates, exclusively available to those needing regular parking for work purposes. All you need to do as part of the sign-up process is confirm that you work in the local area and ensure you will be using the service regularly, to be able to benefit from the reduced rate.

Come and go as many times as you like for one daily rate

Need to pop to a doctor’s appointment at lunch to nip home for something but worried about the extra parking costs? No need to stress with PCP, as our clients have the added benefit of being able to enter and exit as many times as they like in the same day – for one single charge.

Ticketless entry and exit

Most of the sites we partner with use Automatic Number Plate Recognition which allows our clients to come and go without the need of a ticket. That means no waiting at the barrier for your ticket to be read, as the ANPR system will recognise your registration plate and raise automatically for you, to ensure a quick and seamless experience.

Hassle free cashless payment

No need to take a ticket and queue up at the machine to pay after a long day at work. Instead, take advantage of the ANPR technology to exit the car park and pay in arrears, via one simple monthly direct debit payment.

Sound good? If you would like to join our scheme this year and start saving money for your parking, sign-up today by visiting or download our free Premium Car Parks app (available on iOS and Android) and fill in the relevant registration details.

Please note new client registrations can take up to 48 working hours (Monday – Friday) for your registration plate to be added on to the car parks ANPR system. You will receive a ‘Good News’ email confirming when your account is active.

Posted in Announcements on Jan 02, 2024